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The data from tells you when the Finns are in buying mood – XXL seized the opportunity
both in webshop and in brick-and-morta

The largest Nordic sports retailer XXL ran a highly successful bicycle campaign in in Finland. Digital Marketing Manager Henri Molin used the data provided by to see when consumers begin to search for and advertise in the web service. Campaigns succeed, when they are run at times and in the very media where the consumers’ purchasing mood is at its hottest and is peaking.

The campaign message ”why buy a pre-owned when you can get a brand new one from XXL and a three-year maintenance service on top of that” proved to be very catchy.

”It is unbelievable how well functions as a media. Especially in mobile, the response exceeded desktop when comparing the Tori ads to each other and bearing in mind the moderate spending. We got a lot of traffic to our web site and a lot of sales in brick-and-mortar, too!”

XXL selected the content of the campaign to change according to the consumers’ searches. Mountain bikes were shown to people looking for such bicycles.

“We used the swipe format for the ads. It is often our choice as we have found it effective. Unlike a banner, the swipe format brings life and movement that captures the attention of the user. It suits really well which itself is an intentionally static-looking website,” Henri Molin says.

The Nordic XXL does not believe in yearly contracts with any media. They constantly tests various channels and media and allocate budget where it seems to function the best. XXL does not use media agencies and they usually produces the ad materials in-house. The successful bicycle campaign this spring was, however, set up quickly by the client who provided the images and who used AdForm to produce the moving formats.

Due to the great experience, will have its place in the media mix of XXL also in the future.

“We will surely continue tactical advertising with a distinctive product-price message. The users are already in purchase mode, which makes it an attractive channel for advertiser,” Molin describes the plans of XXL.

He even compares to Google:

“The users have expressed their interest to buy a certain product and to get an offer of it. The user behaviour resembles that of Google’s but in the consumers are even one step closer to purchase”.

During the XXL campaign it was visible how Google searches in the category increased referring to certain products featured the campaign.

Henri Molin challenges his colleagues to take a step furtner from just putting ads on display and waiting for the sales to rock’n’roll. What will happen after the consumer has seen the ad and clicked it? The path to purchase is not a direct line in which a successful display+click would lead directly to sales.

“We know of experience that the consumers tend to go to Google and search for more information and only after proceed to buying the product. Seldom the consumer purchases immediately after having seen an ad nor even after having clicked it. By retargeting we are able to remind the interested client of our great offers and can be sure of the sales. This is the recipe to all of our campaign plans.”

Digital Marketing Manager Henri Molin reminds that XXL is ambitious in aiming to a genuinely multi-channel action: “Let the consumer decide where he or she converges to a buyer. We aim to answer to the consumers’ needs of content in various situations – in brick-and-mortar stores and in our web shop as well as in newspaper supplement. For example we provide the pick up at store –service when the consumer can come to get his/her internet purchases from any of our stores. The Finns are not yet as active buyers in mobile as other Nordic but the principle remains: let the consumers decide, where and how they act!“


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